Our History

2022: Raised over $8,500 and played 217 holes of Golf

2022 continued with the virtual Sunday Funday and once again saw great support. The event raised over $8500 and set a record number of holes with 217. Leading to two very sore individuals and Patrick once again taking the title.

Individual Winner: Patrick Law

2021: Raised over $16,500 and played 216 holes of Golf

With Covid-19 still wreaking havoc Sunday Funday stayed virtual and what a success that was. 2021 saw the greatest amount of funds raised yet and allowed Marathon Monday to surpass $100,000 over the 10 year history. Also saw a record breaking year with a total of 216 holes played.

Individual Winner: Dylan Thornborough

2020: Raised over $16,000 and played 210 holes of Golf

2020’s version of Marathon Monday and Sunday Funday was significantly different than previous years. Sunday Funday went virtual and we were able to have golfers from across the country take part. With all the uncertainty and stress that was 2020, the outstanding support allowed this to be our most successful year yet. The weather cooperated once again and were able to reach 210 holes played.

Individual Winner: Dylan Thornborough

2019: Raised over $10,000 and played 207 holes of Golf

The weather was perfect for this years Marathon Monday and also saw the introduction of Sunday Funday which brought other people into the action. Dylan and Patrick played over 200 holes on the Monday but most of the festivities took place on the Sunday with a Full, Half, and Quarter Marathon taking place. Overall another very successful year raising funds for the cause.

Individual Winner: Patrick Law

2018: Raised over $8,000 and played 162 holes of Golf

A great day of golf once again helped the two golfers set their new record at an amazing 162 holes played. Time seemed to fly throughout the day with fairways and greens being hit consistently. Once again some very low 9 hole scores were shot and even saw a new winner this year.

Individual Winner: Dylan Thornborough (No thats not a typo)

2017: Raised over $10,100 and played 147 holes of Golf

We once again lucked out with great weather for the day of golf. This year saw our record broken for number of holes played with a new total of 147. It also saw some great golf with some of their lowest nine hole scores ever posted. 2017 once again held the shootout contest with a successful showing.

Individual Winner: Patrick Law (Dylan get’s strokes in 2018)

2016: Raised over $10,600 and played 145 holes of Golf

Once again a very successful event with the help of everyone around the community. Another year of great weather and great people made this fundraising event special once again. Another $30,000 shootout contest took place with Kevin Newton taking home the closest to the pin. Kevin also graciously donated his share back to the event.

Individual Winner: Patrick Law (Is this guy a Golf Pro?)

2015: Raised over $11,700 and played 145 holes of Golf

In 2015 Marathon Monday raised $11,700 bringing the 4 year event total to $35,400. Mother nature came through once again with a perfect day for golf. This year also saw the inclusion of a $30,000 shootout contest. No one won the contest but Dylan came the closest and donated his share back to the cause.  

Individual Winner: Patrick Law (Dylan should maybe practice)

2014: Raised over $8,700 and played 144 holes of Golf

The golf started as soon as there was light. Another great year with amazing weather and awesome people coming to visit throughout the day. This year was also the first time that a Hole in One occurred during the event as Dylan aced the 55th hole of the day.  Once again had a supper with auction that helped raise in excess of $8,700. Another horse race concluded the event.

Individual Winner: Patrick Law

2013: Raised over $9,200 and played 135 holes of Golf 

Once again the event took place at the Glenboro Golf and Country Club, although it surpassed the previous mark on both the amount raised and amount of holes played.  The day started shortly before 6:00 am and was once again graced with great weather. The event also incorporated a supper and auction into the days festivities.  This turned out to be a huge success and we plan for it to continue for years to come.  Raised an astonishing amount of over $9,200.

Individual Winner: Patrick Law

2012: Raised over $5,800 and played 126 holes of Golf

The first year of the event took place at the Glenboro Golf and Country Club with outstanding support from everyone in the community.  The day started early in the morning and finished with a horse race with many people joining us to top off the wonderful day.

Individual Winner: Dylan Thornborough

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